Thursday, February 26, 2009

UPDATE on Sinful Colors Tropical Colors Display

So I was at the Walgreens by my house picking up my medication for my sinus infection (yucky) and I found the Sinful Colors Tropical Colors display. I can't get away from it! Here's the individual pics and their names.
Sorry for the pics again. I'm gonna have to start carrying my camera everywhere.

Boom Boom?

This is Fiji. I know this is a regular color, so I don't know if they ran out of a color and stuck this one on there or if it is really supposed to be in there.


Big Daddy
I'm sorry if you can't read all the colors. I put the ones I remembered in there. I hope this helps!


Brooke said...

grrrr I wish I could read those names!! lol

I like how the floor behind the nail polish bottles is in perfect focus!! LOL gotta love camera phones.

I wish I knew howcome my walgreens doesn't have this up yet. I went to four of them yesterday. Maybe I can call walgreens and ask them whats up.

Thanks for the pics :)

contests and such said...

Yeah camera phones really suck! I made sure I read all the names so I could remember them, but alas I can't. Sorry!!!
Good Luck!

Rachel said...

Fiji is supposed to be there, unfortuantely they all seem to be core colors ;-(

contests and such said...

Thanks for the update, Rachel. I agree that they are all core colors, that's how I restrained myself ;)