Thursday, February 2, 2012

B&BW Liplicious Heart Lip Balm Pics and Swatches

I found these at B&BW the other day.

I tried searching for them to find a review or swatches or ANY info and found nothing. I did find a discontinued PINK lip balm that looked similiar.

I thought these might quench my need for these, since I've read such mixed reviews on them:

Anyway the heart lip balms leave much to be desired:
this is after a few swipes

same order as above
 I haven't worn them on the lips yet, but I could smell the citrus and vanilla as soon as I open the package.

Speaking of the package, one of them was broken and I have to hold the part of the tube that swivels up so it doesn't swivel back down. The packaging is very flimsy.

Nevertheless, these are adorable! I got them for $8 each but right now they have a B2G1 free.

Have you seen these around?

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