Monday, March 29, 2010

CLOSED-- what's in my purse? a pouchee! + something special for you!


Recently I was given the opportunity to review something that I have never heard of-- a pouchee!

You might be thinking 'what the eff is a pouchee?' That's what I was thinking! A pouchee is basically the inside of a purse and a wallet all rolled into one! It is easily removable from one purse to another, and if you have a purse without pockets on the inside, no problem! This little wonder takes care of it for you. I know that I have passed on many a purse because of the lack of pockets, so this is perfect. And if you're search for your keys or lip balm or anything small just grab the handles on this puppy and pull the inside or your purse out for easy searching.

Onto the pictures...the pouchee I received came in green but they have a variety of colors and material.

I tested these out in a couple purses that I had on hand, first up is a cute Hawaiian summer purse that my grandma bought me on a Hawaiian cruise with one little pocket.

Next up is a bit bigger purse. I am a big purse fiend, so you will see two of these on here.

This does have a bit more pockets, but I lose everything in here. A regular Mary Poppins purse.
And finally, the current purse that I am using.

And all the crap I have inside here: wallet, phone, lipglosses, cough drops, change purse, pill holder, and even more that you can't see.

BAM! Organized! Credit cards, license, nail file, MAC lipglass...
...cell, business card holder... of my many lotions, tons of cards (business cards, health insurance, etc), a couple lip balms, keys, change purse
and the pouchee inside my current purse with other lotions, glasses, pill holder
and, trading purses, in the blue purse
and it's perfect in the Hawaiian purse!
And now for the special part for you! Pouchee was nice enough to send me an additional green pouchee! And it's for you, along with other 'things' you can put in it!

Green pouchee
♥ Love my Nails: Crazy for You (red hearts), Star Bright (pink and purple stars suspended in opalescent glitter), and Violets are Blue (purple and teal hearts suspended in teal glitter)
♥ Nic's Sticks: Are we there yet?
♥ Maybelline Colorama rush blush
♥ Sephora Cassis
♥ Sinful Colors: pinky glitter
♥ Claire's: Chunky Blue and Chunky Green
♥ Sally Girl: Wannabe
♥ SH Xtreme Wear: Rickstar Pink and Strobe Light
♥ Gosh Rainbow
♥ small gold earrings
♥ and more! (I'm thinking some essence goodies!)


CC Pure Energy, Kleancolor: Chunky Silver Pinky Moon, Starry Purple, and Peaceful Heart
From my Beauty Store Haul


1) Anyone can enter, but must be a follower through google.
2) Open internationally.
3) You don't have to post on your blog or tweet, but if you want to spread the word go for it! You can use the pic above.
4) Fill out your info in the box below with your name that you follower google name (so I can check if you are a follower).

One more reminder: If you do not enter your name that you use as a 'follower' through google in the contest box, you will be disqualified!
EDIT: That's fine that you are putting your 'follower' names in the comments if you put the wrong one in the contest box, but if you put your regular name in the box, please write the name you entered in the comments along with your 'follower' name so I know not to disqualify you<--hopefully this makes sense!

Contest ends April 15, 2010. Open to all. Good Luck!
*Item was sent to me in exchange for an honest review.


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That's fine that you are putting your 'follower' names in the comments if you put it wrong in the contest box, but if you put your regular name in the box, please write the name you entered in the comments along with your 'follower' name so I know not to disqualify you<--hopefully this makes sense!

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