Friday, March 26, 2010

Art-ish Giveaway @ Nihrida's blog

Nihrida is giving away:
A pencil drawing of a person by your choice.
Custom made ring.
A print of one of her photos.

Check out her etsy store, too!

Click the pic for more deets and to win!

Good Luck!


Awel Prince said...

Oh, that's a bummer...I thought I made it so everyone could... Sorry about that, but here's the link to look at my backgrounds!

That should work, if it doesn't, please tell me! :)

Awel Prince

Awel Prince said...

You're welcome!! I supose it's rather idiotic of me to go tampering with HTML when I don't know a bally thing about what I'm doing. The reason why no one could see the navbar was because I forget to change my margins! :( But it's fixed now! :)

Hope ya use the background! :)