Saturday, February 14, 2009

New Camera and Updated Valentine NOTD Pics

I am sooo excited, gals! I picked up my *new* camera from Sears today!! Yay!! Now no more yucky, horrid, disgusting, blurry as he[[ pics!

I ended up getting a Cannon PowerShot SD790 IS. Is 10.o megapixels 3x optical zoom with a digital macro setting! It is awesome!

I thought the np gods were against me today. The bf and I started off by seeing a matiness of The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.

Great movie! But it was hot as he[[ in the theater! I had worn my new Bearclaw boots that were way too lined with fleece. But oo are they comfy!

The next stop was the mall to use up my $200 gift card from Christmas. We headed over to RadioShack and all they had was up to 8.0 megapixels. Then my bf suggested we go to Sears and I hadn't even thought of that! (He's a keeper.) So we headed over there and they had a couple on clearance, but not very good stuff.

Then I started comparing a Nikkon and this Cannon. The Nikkon had the same MP, but a 5x optical zoom. They were both $199. So I tried to get the Nikkon. Well they didn't have it in the store or online or their distribution center! So I started to look at the clearance ones again. A Samsung. I don't know why. This guy didn't seem like he knew what he was talking about.

So we went to FYE and got an Auntie Annie Cinnamon Pretzel and a dutch ice (it was sooo good!) and I mulled it over with the bf. We decided to go back and see if we could talk to another guy there that seemed like he knew more. So we headed back and the more knowledgable guy helped us. I asked him to compare the Nikkon and the Cannon as far as close up pics. He said that Sony and Cannon are the best. So I went with the Cannon! Check out these stunning pics:

Don't mind the streaking on the ring finger...

I think the thumb I did the best on

And here's my fat hand with my pink ring that I got from the bf last Christmas:

Hey, how do you ladies keep the camera so still with one hand? It took a while for me to do, any pointers?

What do you think? Is the Konad an epic fail?

*More to come:

Trans Design Haul

Sally Beauty Supply Haul*


Brooke said...

CONGRATS ON THE NEW CAMERA!!! The pics are gorgous!!

After I upload my pics to my computer, thats where I will flip my pics to the angle I want, or crop them, whatever editing I need to do, then I will upload them to my blog.

It did take a litte getting used to for me to take still pics with only one hand. Just takes a little practice.

contests and such said...

Brooke- Thanks! I'm so glad that I can get on the same page with all you ladies now!
Ok I figured it out: I have to rotate it on the camera or install the software I got with it.
I guess I'm going to have to do some more practicing!

puppy said...

great konading job!

I have a Nikon and it has an automatic stabilization feature - your new camera probably has it too. If not, an easy way to keep the camera still is to set it on something when taking a pic :)

contests and such said...

I think I had that feature on. Not too sure though, there are soo many features on it!
My bf suggested to set it on something too. I'm sure I'll get the hang of it after awhile. Thanks for your suggestions!