Wednesday, February 4, 2009

A REAL Sinful Colors System Challenge WITH TOPCOAT (Day 1) and Urban Decay Eyshadow Primer DOUBLER!

OK, gals... This time I got the topcoat for the Sinful Colors System. If you recall in this post as a topcoat I used Zoya's Armor because that was all I had on-hand. But I made it to Walgreens and purchased the whole lot:

Right to Left: Sinful Colors Nail Hardener, Sinful Colors Basecoat, Sinful Colors Top Shine

This is my color haul from Walgreens:

Right to Left: Dream On, Mama-San, Pretty in Pink

My Process:

First I removed my nail polish that I was wearing Nubar Indigo Illusion with Non-Acetone Remover (I know I should have been using Acetone Remover, but I have so many bottles of them, I didn't know which one I had pulled out and I was too lazy to go get the other one. **What you will learn about me: when it comes to a lot of things, yes even nail polish, I am pretty lazy.***)

Moving on...

After that I used Sally Hansen's Problem Cuticle Remover to remove all the extra skin.

Pushed those suckers back.

Applied a coat of Nail Hardener, then a coat of Basecoat, then 2 coats of Sinful Colors Mama-San, and finally a coat of the Topcoat.

Here is the result:

Left Hand:

Right Hand:

This color reminded me of Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion in Sin, so I compared it in a pic:

This stuff is awesome, by the way. Great color, stays put, and gives my eyeshadow that I put on after it a great shimmer. DON'T PASS THIS UP!

Even though it does kinda look like it in this pic, it really is darker with more of a pink hue.

I have had some gouges, but no chipping so far. This was really covered in one coat. I did 2 coats because there was some dragging and I wanted to cover it up instead of going back and doing it over again. *laziness strikes again!*

I also did some activities like workout,take a shower, and open a can of beanslater on that day. The workout was fine- a gouge. The shower was OK- some dragging started to occur. Then I opened the can of beans- nnnnnnoooooooo! HUGE GOUGE right on the side of my thumb nail!

I think I might redo this tonight because it is a really great color.

I have a great contest that I am posting next. Stay Tuned!

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