Monday, February 16, 2009

Trans Design Haul w/pics!

Here's my second haul from Trans Design Top w/o flash Bottom w/flash:

(l-r) Row 1: Misa: Luminous, Sun Kissed, Radiant; Creative Hotski to Tchotchke; OPI: Chapel of Love, Paris Couture for Sure Gitter Topcoat, DS Extravagance
Row 2: Misa: Fleeting Hibiscus, No Shrinking Violetta, Fatal Affair; Essie Sexy Divide; OPI Play 'Til Midnight; China Glaze: Devotion, DV8, 2NITE

Whoooh! That's a lot! Idk when I'll have time to actually try all of these!

I started to take individual pics in the sun, but I'm gonna have to try this a bit more to get a hang of it. Here's some:

Heres the purple/blues that I got:
Misa Fatal Affair (dark purple with a blue shimmer)
Essie Sexy Divide (not as dark as Fatal Affair shimmery purple)
OPI Play 'Til Midnight (shimmery dark blue)

Here's Creative Hotski to Tchotchke (shimmery teal blue):

I don't know if I took these right. I did it in direct sun with the camera on digital macro. Is that right?
I'm not the only one that likes the sun! This one kept getting in my way, so I had to hold the ones that I did take pics of in my hand!

This is my lovely Bella! She is the prettiest dog I have ever seen! She is a brindle AmStaff (American Staffordshire Terrier). Though she is a pitbull breed, the only 'bull' part is that she has to walk right next to you and push you out of the way when walking through doors. Or she has to walk right in front of you like she's the one 'leading the way.'
I believe that these dogs are not violent, it is how you train them. We spent a small fortune training her b/c when we got her she was scared of my bf and she wouldn't even walk on a leash!
About a month later, we got her back from her doggy day camp and she was a totally different, happy dog! She is now inseperable from my bf. He is the daddy and I am her puppy, not the mom. I went away for 3 days to Chicago for training from work and she wined the whole time. Wouldn't sleep or eat. The only time she slept is when my bf put one of my worn shirts by her and it would calm her down. The bf looked up her symptons and according to whatever he found, it said that she was having separation anxiety from her PUPPY!!! Oh, she is the best!


Brooke said...

The best combo ever! lol

Your dog is really pretty! Great nail polish haul.

contests and such said...

Thanks!! I think it's a great combo too! I love your puppy, too!
I just wish I could do her nails!

Rere said...

i have 3 pitbulls and the only time i have seen them be aggressive is when they are protecting my family, especially the baby! i think they are the smartest and most affectionate breed ever!

contests and such said...

Tigress or Tame?-
I totally agree, I really didn't want this breed of dog when my bf told me about it. But after I saw her I knew.
Don't worry, you will be seeing more of her!