Thursday, March 5, 2009

Local Drugstore Haul!

Ladies, if you have any local drugstore (no chains) that are nearby, I suggest to check them out! Look what I found for a mere $12!
Lamp Light

(l-r): Revlon Lily Chrome, Wet 'n Wild: Eggplant Frost, Wild Orchid, Caribbean Frost, Sparkled, Heavenly

I found this at my local drugstore called Riley drug. I had totally forgotten about it until I saw a post on MUA, I believe, saying to check out the local ds for great deals!

Idk if you would call this a 'deal' exactly. They were almost all $.99, which the Wet 'n Wilds are everywhere, the Revlon was about $5.

I used to have these chromes, but I remember trying to keep them on w/o chipping was a b*tch! I heard that these chromes are good for Koni's, so I will be trying that one next!

The Eggplant Frost and Wild Orchid are very similiar. But the Wild Orchid has a lot of glitter all throughout.

Not a big fan of greens, but I got Caribbean Frost to put under ChG He's Is Going In Circle from the Kaleidoscope collection.

And the last 2 I can use together and do a French mani with them.

What do you think, Ladies? Are you researching where your local DS are??

Thanks for looking!


The Pretty Brown Girl said...

I have plenty of drugstores around me. The most visible chains in DC are CVS and Rite-Aid. I usually have to go out to the suburbs to find ones that have a good selection of cosmetics and such. I've had a lot of luck in Walmart and Target, though.

contests and such said...

Those are all pretty good. I'm gonna head to Meijer, sometimes they have good clearance stuff. Is there one around you?

Brooke said...

I just went to a Walgreens while I was in Vegas and picked up two of the colors you posted lol

Guess we have some of the same tastes in nail polish!

contests and such said...

Did you have an awesome time?