Sunday, March 1, 2009

NOTD: Maybelline Cutie Pink w/ SH Black Diamond Star Konad

So idk why I can do one hand really well with Konad:

And one just plain sucky:

I know that this np for Konading was not the best to use for it, but I was hoping it would work :(
And, of course, it didn't. I like the idea of black np Konad on top of a pink base, I know I should probably use a Konad special np to get the look I want. Maybe next time I order plates I will get some special np's.

Whaddya think? Any advice? Encouragement?

Thanks for looking!


Pixie said...

I think it looks pretty. I have some of those Diamond Strength polishes, and I think they are imported straight from her. The formula is awful :(

contests and such said...

Thanks, Pixie. Yeah I've heard that the formula is bad. I bought this b/c it was on sale and I was hoping to use it under some of the Nail Prisms that I just got. Hopefully it will work :)

Brooke said...

No black compares to the konad sp. It has worked the best for me and the white one too.

I think you did a pretty good job, just wish the stars were a little darker so that they could be seen better :)

contests and such said...

I wish they were too. I was thinking about going over them with a black creme, but that was too much work for me at that point. ;)