Thursday, April 16, 2009

Color Club Revvvolution

This is really a fantastic polish that was opaque in 1 coat!! Unheard of, right? Well I did 2 for good measure :)

Here are the pics, all in full sun.
Ignore my chip on my middle finger, please. This is after 2 days of wear and digging through boxes.

It was rather hard to capture the holo-ness of it and I'm sure you have seen enough of this shade too. But, what do y'all think? Do you have this one yet, b/c I think it's a MUST-HAVE!!


Mary said...

That is such a cool polish! Clockwork posted hers the other day and now you. I'm going to have to get it now :)Thanks for pushing me over the edge!

contests and such said...

Never a problem, Mary. Anytime you need to be pushed, let me know ;)

Brooke said...

lol at your response to Mary!!

I have seen so many pics of this color, but it has yet to wow me for some reason, and it's a holo tooo!! something must be wrong with me. I think this no-buy thing is having some ill side effects.....must go buy some nail polish now! It's the only cure I know of :)

contests and such said...

Oh, come on! It's a BLACK holo, that should make you want to buy it all the more. Are there any other black holos out there?
Yes it is the only cure! I just got paid so I'm heading out to get some myself, or at least LOOK at some!

Vanessa said...

Really cool shade Nessa :)
Hmmm; I'm getting really nervous about those side effects Brooke is mentioning; I just committed to a no-buy myself... ;)

Kae said...

Love the color, so pretty!

Velvet said...

This is a great color! I've not posted this color yet. I keep forgetting about! Looks so pretty on you!