Tuesday, April 7, 2009

NOTD: Revlon Scented Nall Polish Not So Blue-berry

Last week I talked about how I found Revlon Scented Nail Polish- Fruitful Temptations. When I saw the display I could not pass up the Not So Blue-berry. It is a great shimmery blurple duochrome! I just love it!

When I first put it on, it has a combo smell of nail polish and fake smelly blueberries. Like the strong Bonniebell lipglosses from when you are kids. Do you remember that strong smelly stuff?

**EDIT: I just smelled my nails and now they smell like something sweet and sour, like Warheads!**

I used a basecoat, two coats of Not So Blue-berry, and a topcoat. Even though I used the topcoat, I could still smell the fake blueberries. It did take a while to dry, probably about a half an hour!

The smell lasted for a good day, I think. After about a day, the smell really started to wear off and now 2 days later I can kinda smell it. I love how it smells now! It just was a little bothersome when you are eating with your hands and you smell the fake blueberries. Like a ham and turkey sandwhich and then you smell that, just a little strange, right?

pics taken in indirect light

pics taken in full sunlight

I think I'll probably get the rest of the collection when they are on sale, if they last that long. I don't know about you, but I'd rather smell something else than nail polish!
I have only found these at Walgreens. Have you found them anywhere else? Have you bought any of these yet? Are you thinking about it?


Velvet said...

The walgreens nearest my house doesn't have any of these revlons. There's another walgreens not to far away. I'll have to check there too! Ugh!! Color looks pretty on you. I'm impressed with how long the smell last! Even if it does kinda get in the way of eating...lol!

Flavia said...

That is a nice color, but I don't think I'd like scented polishes, I'm so allergic I can't even stand perfume during spring and summer :(

Pixie said...

I think scented nail polishes sound a bit scary. It's not like nail polish doesn't already smell (STINK). I can't even imagine how you could cover that up without an even worse smell.

It does look pretty on you though!

Nixxy said...

Hope they release these in Oz :) Colour is nice, too

contests and such said...

Velvet- good luck finding them! I found them right when they went out, I think. I guess if you want to diet and hate the smell of these they might help!

Flavia- I don't think these would be for you then :(

Pixie- yeah, they are kinda stinky, but standable (for me anyway) Thanks, though.

Nixxy- They just put some info on revlon website maybe that will have some info for you?

Nixxy said...

Cool - i will check it out :)

Brooke said...

I can imagine that would be a little off putting to smell blueberries while trying to eat a sammie.

I think they sound pretty cool, but I didn't really see any colors I just HAD to have ------ not that I'm off my no-buy or anything :)

They need to make some bacon scented nail polish, you know I would be all about that! haha - I'm sure Dinky would be stuck on my fingers all day though! lol

contests and such said...

Brooke, only you would think of bacon scented nail polish! But I bet other people would buy it besides you (me being one of them)!

Mary said...

I haven't see these yet, but I'm still looking! Bacon would be great! I even joined a Bacon Group on Facebook :)

The Asian Girl said...

I second Brooke's notion of bacon-scented nail polish. I think eating would be easier after that :P