Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Revlon Fruitful Temptations

Before I forget to mention it, removal on that Artist's Sapphire was absolutely horrible! It stained my nails and my fingers, like I was finger coloring! Mary have you had that problem with Finger Paints? Maybe I put too many coats on? IDK

Anyways...on to the real news!
Has any one seen these? I was looking for those glimmer glosses at a Walgreens and I happened to turn around and I spotted this display. I checked out the colors and I thought the blue on the far right was kinda pretty. I started to walk away until I actually looked at what the display said. "Scented When Dry" I was like NO WAY!!! So I nabbed Not So Blue-berry. It's a lavender with silver shimmer, sorry no pic of it, maybe later.

Have you ladies seen these at all? Or heard of them?

On to even more important news...

My puppy turned 2 today!

Here she is getting one of her presents. Her special treats which is the only treat she can have b/c she has a sensitive tummy :(

I'm showing her her new collar and she is ignoring me b/c she is chowing down on her treat. She loves collars, I think it's b/c she likes to have her 'jewelry' on :)

Now I'm just teasing her.

she's getting frustrated

She doesn't like it when daddy tries on her 'jewelry'

too excited to let him put it on her

an excited and proud 'puppy'

apparantly that was exhausting



The Asian Girl said...

Scented polish?! lol wow, everything DOES come full circle!

contests and such said...

i know! i read your post about the Sephora scented polish. i hope this is a good substitute for you :)

Colette said...

Cute puppy! You inspire me to put my puppy up, he's been neglected so far in favor of the cat LOL

Velvet said...

I love the pics of your puppy! I got a kick out of"Daddy and the collar". It made me laugh! We used to have a dog and we'd do silly things like that!! I guess I'm easy to entertain! Lol! But on to nail polish... no, I haven't seen this display yet! I'm gonna have to vist my local walgreens!

Nixxy said...

Wow - revlon are really upping the ante! this is when we need smell-o-vision or smell-o-net or something...

Vanessa said...

Scented Revlon? Or any brand polish for that matter. Is the industry running out of ideas.? ;) Or, is it just the opposite? Maybe, who knows..;) Now I've been philosophic enough for today...
That Blueberry shade looks very pretty; I love blueberries, yum!
And your doggie is simply adorable :)
Aren't they the greatest friends and source of joy? I can't imagine being without a dog ever.. ;)

contests and such said...

Colette- she's is cute isn't she? Please do put up your puppy, after all he is a simple pleasure, isn't he? Well, maybe not simple, but a pleasure!

Velvet- yeah those were the only pics he would let me take of him and Idk if he even say me put these up! Oh well :) Let me know after you look to see what you found!

Nixxy- umm..yes..smell-o-net. I like it!

Vanessa- Nice philosophy! But other polish companies used to have this in the past. If you read Asian Girl's post she still has a Sephora one. I had one from Bonniebell, I think, called flirt. But it was more of a perfumey kinda smell.
I agree about dogs being the greatest friends. I couldn't wait to move out of my mom's and get a dog. we used to have a dog at my mom's and then she died and we had cats ever since. I love cats but hers are mean. Now again I can't imagine life w/o a dog :)

Brooke said...

I have not seen or heard of these nail polishes. Of course I have been on a no-buy so that means staying out of walgreens, for me they only bring trouble! I saw a bunch of those glimmer glosses at the grocery store the other day, I think I saw about 5 or 6 different ones.

The bf looks cute :) I love the puppy pics, keep em coming :)

contests and such said...

Thanks, Brooke. I thought you'd be totally on this (like the Sinful Colors) but if you're on a no-buy, i guess that's OK. Good luck with it. You know I keep saying that too.
I will keep those puppy pics a-coming!

Jace said...

Just wanted to say that I loved the pic of your puppy. She is cute. I can't wait to see what my Wal-greens has but as I am on a buying time out, I'll have to wait to own.

contests and such said...

yeah i was on one too. didn't work too well as you can see!