Monday, May 18, 2009

Win Konad, Konad, and some more Konad @ GETCHA NAILS DID

I know, I know I am a bit behind on this...but I'm going to get hers out here anyway (even though there are only a few days left to enter--so sorry).

My girl, Brooke, at GETCHA NAILS DID is having 2 konad contests!

This first one is for all you girls out there that DO NOT own a konad kit. I know that you are crazy if you don't yet, so here's your way to get on it! Brooke and OC NAIL ART are teaming up for this one! There are so many items to win with this contest, it would take me too long to post them all! This contest ends May 25th. Enter to win your very first Konad kit HERE.

The second contest is actually an OC Nail Art contest, but Brooke does a great job of explaining it all. This contest ends May 31st. So check out how to win $437.99 Professional Salon Case HERE!

Good Luck!


Brooke said...

Thanks for the love girl!

Missing you around the blog-o-sphere! :)

contests and such said...

No problem! Really sorry I never got around to it until now.
Yeah I miss it here, too. Hopefully soon I will be back, but then there's the whole moving thing, ugh!