Saturday, June 13, 2009

ChapStick True Shimmers

Happy Saturday, Ladies! Sorry I haven't been around all week, I have been in OSHA training with no access to the internet.
But I have some lovely ChapSticks here to review. The True Shimmer Collection:

Tropical- a white shimmer that has the scent of coconuts and takes you straight to the beach! This has a light scent of coconut, not very strong (which is good for me).

Peppermint Rush- a blue shimmer with the classic mint taste of candy canes!
This is my favorite out of the bunch, because I am not too crazy about other flavors of lip gloss/stick/chapstick other than mint.

Blended Fruit Sherbet- a purple shimmer with the scent of Jolly Ranchers!
This one has the most pungent scent of them all.

Botanical Berry- a pink shimmer with the scent of Kool-aid!
Second pungent of them all.

This is the best pic I could capture of the shimmer.

Left-right: Peppermint Rush, Botanical Berry, Tropical, Blended Fruit Sherbert

Swatches of the four shimmers. Just one stroke.

Left-right: Botanical Berry, Blended Fruit Sherbert, Peppermint Rush, and Tropical.

Since you couldn't really see the colors in the pic above, I rubbed them in a bit more here.

This is after I rubbed them off. As you can see, there is still significant shimmer left over.
Overall, I like these shimmers, but I rub my lips together a lot and they are not very thick. When I do it make the shimmer go everywhere, and not stay just on my lips. I makes me looks like I was eating something with sparkles on it, like how kids have rings of Kool-aid around their mouths, same for me but with shimmer.
Have you ladies tried any of these? Do you like them? Do experience the same as me with the shimmer 'ring'?

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