Monday, June 15, 2009

Win Some Benefit, Barbara Daly, and Sleek-i-Divine Palette @ Pinkfish Pie

Jian @ Pinkfish Pie is giving away:

2 shades of Barbara Daly for Tesco Concealers (Choose 2 between fair. medium or warm)
A Sleek-i-Divine Palette Original
A mini BAD Gal lash by Benefit

Contest ends 22nd June at MIDNIGHT GMT + 0.00. Click the pic above for more details and to WIN!!

Good Luck!


Jian said...

Thanks for entering! =D Good luck

Vanessa said...

Hi Missy!
Long time ;) How are you? How has the house hunting turned out?
Talk to you soon,


contests and such said...

Thanks, Jian!

Vanessa/Helen! <---lol
How are you? I haven't seen you on in a while! I saw that you were sick and had fam stuff going on. Hope you're feeling better and everything has calmed down a bit.
UGH! This house crap! Let's just sum up by saying we have a house- we close on Wed, but the bank is jerking us around and had a city inspection done today (last minute) and won't fix the things that are wrong with it. It costs a pretty penny and these things the bank should fix. So 'hopefully' we will have a house Wed and move in Sat, but we'll see!
Here are some pics of it.

Vanessa said...

What a pretty house!!! That fire place is to DIE for, you got 4 bedrooms, and overall it looks light, fresh and "airy" (terminology? it's 1.30 am here, so my brain isn't functioning properly, lol! Hope you get what I mean anyway)
Damn those banks. You know, this global economy crises causes misery for a lot of people. Up here it's suddenly almost impossible to get a loan at any bank, of course I understand they have to be cautious, but they certainly jerk people around a fair bit... I'm SO happy for you that the hunting finally has paid off, though :D

I'm much better, thank you for asking! I guess I was in the middle of a stressful period as well ;) But things have calmed down a bit. My boyfriend works 2 more weeks, and then he's off from work for 6 weeks (summer vacation)
We will mostly be at home, renovating the house, but it'll be great to have those weeks together ;)

Talk to you soon, **hugs**

contests and such said...

I gotcha 'airy'. OK now we're closing tomorrow again and they are fixing everthing b/c otherwise we can't get the first homebuyer's loan.
What's kinda cool with our economy is Obama's giving people that buy homes this year $8,500!!! How cool is that? We're going to use it for renovations. I think we got kinda lucky, somehow.

I'm glad you're better. Is your bf a teacher? How nice to have the summer off. I miss those days. Will you post pics of the renovations when you're done? It might help me come up with ideas for my house :)


Vanessa said...

How cool regarding the $8,500; talk about trying to stimulate the economy! One should never get into politics discussions like this, but so far I really like Mr Obama. I think he has the potential and intention of making a lot of changes for the better for America and Americans.

Renovations are indeed expensive, we are experiencing that with our house as well ;) One thing I can tell you is that by the time we are done renovating, our daughter will probably be old enough to go to school, it's a lot of work to be done around here before we can consider it "done" :) But I'll be sure to send you some pics then if you want? LOL!

My boyfriend is working in the sales field, so he's far from a teacher, he does teach our daughter new things every day, though, if that counts ;) lol!
Up here we are entitled by law to 5 weeks paid vacation each year.
Most people choose to take their leave in the summer, but there are also some that choose to take their vacation in fall or winter, and spend their time off in warmer countries. Thailand is a very popular holiday destination, about 400 000 Swedes visit Thailand every year. I haven't visited as of yet, but hopefully I will one day ;)

Talk to you soon, girl, take care!!