Wednesday, July 22, 2009

I'll Be Here All Week (until Thursday)

Sorry I haven't been around much lately, Ladies. I have been busy with Safety Training last week and a Wedding this past weekend. Not for me :( for my bf's cousin.

It was an interesting time. I have never been to a hispanic wedding before and though everything was in Spanish it was still lovely. Some differences I noticed was that they had Mariachis everywhere (which you will see in the pictures below) the wedding and the reception. They chained the bride and the groom together- don't think I've seen that before. And when they had their first dance, the bridesmaids put a circle of candles around them.

The wedding itself was fantastic. It was at a beautiful church, St. Hedwig, in Chicago. Just beautiful. However, after the wedding we went to follow them in the limo to watch them take pictures at a park (instead of waiting for them at the reception hall). The driver went totally out of the way, driving 80mph, we could barely keep up, and then we went to the reception hall! They also didn't get food and drinks that she had paid for, so she was on with the limo company. I felt soo bad for her.

The food was horrible, we all got food poisoning at our table! UGH! I think that after all of that, the bride had a good time.

Check out the pics below.

Thursday is probably the last time I will be on this week b/c the bf and I are going to Chicago for the weekend for last month's 4 year anniversary!!! So there will be more pics to come. We are heading to the Shedd Aquarium and I think Venetian night is Saturday (all the boats get all dressed up-lights and all). So there will be more to come!


Mary said...

A beautiful wedding, even though the food caused problems! Have a fantastic time this weekend :)

contests and such said...

Thanks Mary. You actually inspired me to do an OMG mani! I did DV8 to match my shirt, bag, and shoes. But of course I didn't take any pics of those. I think someone else might have taken a pic of the whole outfit. I'll see if I can track it down. But yeah, I never would have thought that that color would work. You posted at the right time, my friend! :)