Thursday, July 23, 2009

Sally Beauty Supply Store Clearance Haul

I finally made it to my new-to-me Sally's at my new place. And I found almost all of these on clearance. Orly Star Spangled was the only one that wasn't.

(l-r): Orly: Star Spangled, Calypso Breeze, Mint Mojito, Fingerpaints Lilac Love, ChG Pure Elegance, Ghoulish Glow Topcoat

Star Spangled, from the Stars & Stripes Collection

I saw this on Scrangie's blog and I had to get it

Blurred to show the glitta!

Calypso Breeze, from the Tiki Time Collection

Mint Mojito, also from the Tiki Time Collection

Lilac Love
Brooke got this on clearance a while back, too. Have you tried this one yet, girly? I saw Lilac Lagoon that you has used a couple times, I was getting it confused with this one.

Pure Elegance don't this is from any collection.

Ghoulish Glow Glow in the Dark Topcoat

I had to get this for Halloween. I used to have a glow in the dark polish a while back. If I did find it it would be all dried up. And it was so much fun. So I NEEDED this one!

Not too bad, huh? All were $2.99 except for Star Spangled. So make sure to check out those 'out of the way' Sally's or one that you see when you are on the road. You might find something unexpected!


Rai said...

Nice haul! Mint Mojito looks really nice, I wonder if they have it at our Sally's.

elashaw said...

nice haul! : )
i got one similar to your green orly onsale when i went into the city a few months back, but i think the one i got was more sheer. More of a top coat then anything.

i'm going to have to try some glow in the dark ones for halloween this year. keep us posted onhow well it works!

Nicole said...

Oooh, HAHAHA, first time commenter and just saw the Ferris Bueller reference. That's so awesome, my favorite movie!
Anyway - nice haul! I picked up a couple of Orlys and Finger Paints during a recent clearance of theirs, but there were no China Glaze on that table. I'd love to get my hands on that Ghoulish Top Coat! Halloween is right around the corner. I've never seen it at a Sally's before, I will have to keep my eyes peeled.

Halifax said...

Oh wow, Tiki Time is on clearance already? Would love to get Mint Mojito :-)