Friday, August 28, 2009

NOTD Color Club Ultraviolet and Comparison Answer

I was looking through my stash and had forgot that I had ordered some polishes from Color Club Electro Candy collection. I pulled out Ultraviolet and thought 'where haeve you been all my life'. I'm sure you have all seen this a bunch of times, so here's another one. :)

This is three coats. I was surprised that it went on rather sheer.
As you can see the color changes with different light (all I did was walk around the room and take pics) and different positions of your hand.

I got to thinking 'this kinda reminds me of RBL Scrangie.' The other day I asked for someone to do a comparison for me. And the lovely Kristin from Kris Primps! obliged. She found a great way to layer polishes so you can get a close dup to RBL Scrangie if you can't afford it. Check out her post HERE. She has a great blog by the way and even has the new China Glaze glitters up! So make sure to check her out.

Oh, I am loving blogger's new posting. I don't know if I am just on the boat late or what, but if you haven't switched, you should.

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Brooke said...

That was my only complaint about the Electro Candy collection, I wish they weren't as sheer! I think this still looks really pretty on you though!