Thursday, August 6, 2009

Some Recent NOTDs

I have been a bit behind on my posting my NOTDs. So here's two of them, there have been more including a gradient, but it was a major fail. I have taken some advice from Lisa from Nail Art World on gradients and I am getting a butt-load of Zoyas coming, which she said are the best at doing gradients. So you should see some good ones coming soon.

I got a Cherry Culture haul the other day and when I got everything I wasn't too happy with all of it. I really don't like how sometimes they have swatches on some of the polishes and sometimes they don't. It was a bit frustrating. So I ordered based on how I liked their names.

Anyways. Here's NYX Paradise. A beautful tealish/gold duochrome I am going to call it. This one I was happy with ordering.

This is three coats and you can still see the VNL.


outdoor at dusk

I really despise sheers, but this one came out pretty good. The polish was thin and went on well.

Next up is a polish from Claire's. It's one of those 4-in-one polishes. This is Hawaii.

This is three coats and it did look different with each coat I did. If you look at my ring finger you will see that it is more orange than the rest of my nails. I had to go over that once more because I got a fuzzy stuck in it :)



This is also a couple days after wearing it. The polish is a bit thick and leaves streaks, but that might be because of the colors combining.

That's it for now, ladies. I did order a bunch of Zoyas so that will be up soon. As well as my Illamasqua order from Sephora and maybe the rest of my Cherry Culture order.

Have a great weekend!


Kae said...

That NYX polish is so pretty! I couldn't even see the NL.

I always see the 3 in 1 at Claires didn't know a 4in1 existed at all lol. I like the one you have, it reminds me of some type of tropical fruit. I do see the different color on your ring finger, very cool :D

contests and such said...

Thanks, Kae! Maybe I can see the NL because I am looking at my nails all day :)

The 4in1 is great! I hope the color changes as I used the bottle more.

hi said...

Wow! Your nail polishing skills are getting better.