Friday, September 4, 2009

Great Technique!

I was looking at the Sally Beauty Supply website to see if they posted anything about the new China Glaze Glitters. I didn't see anything about that but I did find this:

And here is the video on how to do it. I can't embed the video in here, but here is the link:

This is really awesome, but I don't think that we can do that with our own nails, this might only work with fakies.

The site itself is pretty cool. If you have a minute, check it out.


Colette said...

I just watched it ... but I'm at work and have no sound on this computer LOL so I look forward to watching it again when I'm home. Last time I tried marbling I couldn't find any instructions in english (though I didn't look that hard I admit) but I want to try it again ... I think this would work on natural nails, just might end up needing to do a lot of cleanup.

Theresia said...

I watched it too and i've seen it somewhere else before... is it normal tap water that she uses in that mug? i think you can use a plastic cup instead of an mug...

contests and such said...

Colette~ You are so talented I know you could pull off this technique!

Theresia~ Not sure what kind of water she used. It's great idea though isn't it?

Theresia said...

i just checked and thanks to youtube there are quite a few videos about it and one of them says that she used normal tap water- instead of that (espensive?) wood-pick that they used in the china glaze marbling i think you can definitly use a toothpick or a shashlick wood pick( not sure what's it called in english, that longer toothpick in case you don't know what i mean :P )