Friday, September 11, 2009

You Think I'm An Awesome Girl? Thanks!

I was tagged by paintedladyfingers, thanks so much for reading my blog, girl!

The rules are that I have to give 10 random facts about me and select 10 blogs I read regularly.
I'm not too sure how random they are going to be, but they are definitely not in any order.

1♥ I have a crazy obsession with The Beatles that comes and goes. When I was in, let's say, 6th grade my obsession started. My mom gave me an old folder of random Beatle things, clippings, pictures, magazine articles, etc. She loved Paul, well I loved George. I even went far enough to buy a guitar book with all beatle songs! I have never ever played the guitar or owned one.
I remember watching the Anthology when it was on abc in 1995 and even though I have seen all three parts already, I sat there when premiered on VH1 and watched them like I have never seen it before.
Now that they are going to be in Rock Band- I have never wanted a Guitar Hero or Rock Band more. I SUCK at Guitar Hero and I don't think I have ever touched any Rock Band equipment. So we'll see how that goes.

2♥ I love reading the Twilight, the Harry Potter, and all Dan Brown books over and over again. Especially when the new movies come out.

3♥ I am allergic to dairy. Have always been- don't think it will ever stop.

4♥ I work for kind of a 'county' organization although we don't admit that we affiliated with the county.

5♥ I have only one real girl friend. We have been through our ups and downs and have been friends for almost a decade. Every time we see each other, we say "Wow and decade?"

6♥ I love just about teriyaki everything. There is a place by my house, Joy Teriyaki, that sells teriyaki sauce like by the bucket! I think I might have to get me summa that and smother it on EVERYTHING!

7♥ The bf and I are looking at another dog, possibly this one:

Evie, a Shiba Inu mix: OR

Reva, a Boxer Labrador mix:

(if you click on the pics, they link to the shelter)

I really want to see these 2 but they are in a shelter that is run out of a large house. My bf and I went there and everything, but it was a little creepy and we turned around and went home. I think once they have an open house or bring the dogs to a local Petsmart, we might go check them out, but they might be gone by then!

I am gonna rant a little now, sorry, you can skip down if you want. The bf and I went to a different local animal shelter the other day and saw some beautiful baby pits. We wanted to look at 3 of them. Well to even do that you had to fill out some paperwork, which is fine, I understand. Well, then we told the worker that we had a pit at home and since we have a pit we can't adopt another one, it's their policy. Moreover we can't adopt from them at all because we have a pit!
Let me just say that my baby is the biggest baby you have ever met. Literally. She is about 85 lbs and thinks that she is 20. She is scared of fireworks, when she could go over to the person that was setting them off and bite them, but she chooses to hide under the table.
I know that some of you have seen her already, but here she is again:

I will wrap this up by saying if the dogs could meet and be evaluated then maybe they could say that they couldn't live together. I have read that sometimes it is hard to have 2 females of this breed live together, but I would have given them a shot. I guess it just wasn't meant to be and that's how I'm leaving this little adventure.

On to the countdown/up!

8♥ Sometimes I make my own jewelry. I am not that good at it. The need making it comes and goes. A staple in my jewelry making is Swarovski beads.

9♥ My bf and I are working with a trainer right now to get ourselves in shape. I have never been a gym-goer or an athletic person or a coordinated person (unless you count ballet from 2 years old to 12 years old, then suddenly I have no rhythm or coordination). So this is a real goal for me.

10♥ The best wings in the world are Hooters Asian Zing Sauce (or something similar to that)!

Now for the blogs that I read daily:
Kris Primps
Body and Soul
Katie's Strange Little World<--She has a contest going on right now! Click HERE
My Simple Little Pleasures
Nihrida's Blog
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Clumps of Mascara

Thanks for making your blogs so interesting, girls! They really keep me coming back for more!


rijaH said...

Such cute dogs :)

I have only 2 real girl friends and i like to only have a few friends. Better to have a few real than many not so close ones :)

Te Te said...

Yea I think most girls only have just 1 or 2 real close girl friends....Hot blog too... I'm following.... follow me
I would love to hear some of your input on some of my blog entries

Hope to hear from you soon