Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Avon Change Artist & Falling Stars

For some reason I really thought these would be awesome. I should have heeded Jen @ ABS's warning. But she was very right about these being opaque in one coat! But removal was like you are wearing straight glitter!

I got these from (where they are no longer available) for about $2.99 each. I had a gift card so I didn't feel too bad that these weren't that great.


shimmering teal, shimmering steel, shimmering lavendar, shimmering red

Of course I couldn't just get one, I had to get EVERY COLOR THEY WERE AVAILABLE IN (because that's how nail polish addiction works, right?)

The measly, small, little brush they give you to work with for nail art/french nails/etc.

shimmering steel with some nail art

really really hard to see
shimmering teal w/ some nail art and bumps of polish
shimmering lavendar (my favorite of the bunch) with nail art
shimmering red with nail art

this one I really did gob on to get that bit of nail art
As you can see the coverage with one coat was great, but the nail art was hard to show up or even see! You had to gob it on (if that makes sense) with the small wand and hope that it would turn into something. Overall I don't really regret purchasing these just because they were so cheap (and I had a gift card) but I would regret these if I had paid full price.
Since I wore these nail polish for a day each, I decided to get a little creative. :)

In this POST I talked about how much I liked Nihrida's Shooting stars:

Then Glittermillie attempted this and it came out fantastic:

And now here are my sad attempts at this, but instead of shooting stars I call them falling stars since I am starting at the end of my nail working toward the cuticles.


No toes...just many attempts :)

First I used:

Zoya Trixie, dumped some NYX silver glitter into Orly

This is the outcome of using Orly and NYX glitter on half of my nail then Trixie on the tips on top of shimmering steel. Not soo good.

a bit too globby

My second attempt: WnW Kaleidoscope, Zoya Trixie, ChG Nova, Eyeko Disco Polish

I used Kaleidoscope for half of the nails, followed with Nova on half of the nails, then Disco Nails on 3/4 of the nails, then Trixie on the tips over shimmering teal.

A bit too much bling and globby.

For my third attempt:

WnW Kaleidoscope and ChG Nova

Nova on half of the nail and Kaleidoscope on 3/4 of the nail over shimmering lavendar

Not a lot of bling, but kinda texturized and not even.

My fourth and final attempt:

Kaleidoscope on half of the nails and Sinful Colors Queen of Beauty (like Glittermillie used above) on tips of the nails over shimmering red.

I really liked how this one turned out and I wore it for about 2 days after apply all this. The silver started to rub off and turn kinda pink, but it still looked awesome.
Thanks for looking!


Crazy4Nails said...

I really like the red with the silver tips. Very Christmasy. :)
I just started my own nail blog, I hope you can take a minute to check it out.

contests and such said...

Thanks! I was thinking Christmasy too.