Friday, November 20, 2009

Gradation Liquid Attempt #1

A while back when happyberrynaiad was selling some of her nail polishes, I bought Gradation Nail Liquid.

She also included a cute note and some nail decals and a cute note.

Well, here is my first attempt using the gradation liquid. I used NYX Morocco for the tips and OPI Breathe Life on the rest of the nail.

I did about 2 coats on the tips since NYX Morocco is pretty sheer. I waited a couple minutes in between each coat before applying the next. Once I finished the last coat I applied a thin amount of the gradation liquid at the base of the tips of the polish (if that makes sense). Then I attempted to drag the polish away from the tip of my nails. I finished it off with a coat of BL over the whole nail.
It didn't seem to really 'pull' the polish all the way to the edge of the nail. You can't really tell in these pictures, but I know and that's why this is just an attempt and not a success.

Has anyone used this before? Do you have any suggestions for me?
Thanks for looking!


Asami said...

I really want this stuff but it's hard to find. Here's a tutorial though: just in case there's a helpful hint or two in there.

contests and such said...

Yes, I did find this online somewhere but it was sooo expensive! I think I got this for like $6?
Thanks for the link, I will check it out! :)