Monday, November 30, 2009

Young Frankenstein

Sorry, ladies, no nail polish in this post. Just a play that I went to this past weekend called 'Young Frankenstein'. My sis and I treated my mom to this for her past birthday.

It after the Mel Brooks movie:

It was a pretty dirty play with the f-word being thrown around a bit and songs like 'Deep Love.' Yeah use your imagination with that one. I should have known better since Mel Brooks wrote the music and lyrics.

We caught a candid moment. Right before the scene below, one of the prop walls got stuck and Igor said, 'Master, help me move the wall.' Then they started touching each other inappropriately and had to take a brake to get the wall to move! It was unexpected, but hilarious!

And if 'Froderick Frankenstein' looks familiar to you, he played George Williams, the murderous pharmacist in love with Bree Hodge.

I have never really watched that show except for a couple episodes where I saw him.

Here is a pic of the ceiling where we saw the place, the Cadillac Palace. It wasn't really 'Cadillac-y', they just own it. It was originally called The Palace Theater, and boy was it Palace-y.

This is what was waiting for us when we sat down.

The play was hilarious and my mom, sis and I had a lot of fun!

Before the play we dined at the Italian Village. It is the Oldest "Italian Restaurant in Chicago". There are three restaurants there and we went with the original one. This was about my third time eating here and it is sooo worth going back again and again.

Here are some pics of the place:

my sis and I (right)

my ma and the 'wheel'

'cat lady'

we sat right next to a quant little room that I sat in for dinner with my now ex

'cat lady' strikes again!
Now for the yummy desserts!

tiramisu, my mom couldn't wait for me to take the pic :)

my sis' cheesecake with berry compote

and I got Italian Lemon Ice

I can't eat a ton of dairy since I am lactose intolerant, or as my sis calls it 'lactose and tolerant' (she is 22 and this was only 2 years ago that she found out what it was really called), so Italian Ice is my FAVORITE desert (that I can actually finish) :)

It's hard to find GOOD Italian Ice that isn't overtaken by the lemon part, and this was perfection!

Thanks for reading my little spheel!

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