Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Revlon Typhoon and a Comparison

This is what looks to be my favorite of the ones from my mom's closet.

Revlon Typhoon

I really really really really (and a ton more) liked how this one turned out. It was a dream to apply (even being 10+ years old) and it dried at a normal speed.

I thought I would try it matte too. I really don't like matte, but some colors I think might have to be matted just to try out.

I used ChG Matte Magic. I thought this turned out very well and is pretty!

I also thought Typhoon looked similar to another polish that I have in my collection, NYX Girl Morrocco. So it's comparison time!

Even though I noticed during comparing the bottles, Morrocco isn't as purple as Typhoon, I still continued with the comparison.


Both are worth owning!

Thanks for looking!


Lucy said...

Non-nail fanatics would say what difference. We would say we need both. Like that blue. Pretty nice for 10+ years. Looks fantastic on you. I like it shiny best. I do like mattes.

contests and such said...

I like it shinier better as well. Matte is nice too but it's so hard to keep matte from chipping.