Wednesday, January 27, 2010

My Birthday and 1st Blogoversary!

Hi all!
I just wanted to say that a year ago today I was in Chi-town at a lame class so I decided to start a blog. But what to blog about?

I decided to keep everyone informed on beauty giveaways and contests because I myself had entered a ton of them and, c'mon, who doesn't love free stuff!

Now, a year later, I have posted about the above + NOTD's and a couple of reviews. I'm not a strong writer and don't really love doing it but it's something nice to do in my free time.

I wanted to say a big THANK YOU to all my readers, even though there aren't many comments to be made on most of my posts, I'm glad to see that you ladies follow and subscribe, so THANK YOU!!!!

Anyways in the coming year I plan to have at least one giveaway that I put on myself (no sponsors).

On to me~
That one year ago, when I was sitting in that class, was also my birthday and it is again (duh) today! I will post my birthday mani sometime down the road (hopefully this week) and I have a camera full of NOTD's and a couple comparisons.

For my birthday, the bf is taking me to the Melting Pot, my suggestion. Let's see if he can hang out with me for three hours in another place besides our house. He also got me Lego Indiana Jones 2, which I played for 2 days and didn't really like it (the extra 'scenes' from the older movies were pretty much like the first one). So I made him return it (I know, so evil) but they wouldn't take it back for full price after having it for 3 days. So he is going to see if he can work something out with a buddy. I asked him to use that money to get me an appointment at a nice salon to get my hair cut (it's been about a year and it's starting to show, badly).

Another thing that is kinda a birthday present is a puppy! We just got approved by the Illinois Alaskan Malamute Rescue Association for one of Sahara's male puppies! They are Malamute/German Shepard mix. There's Amarok, Faoil, Vato, Ike, Lafayette, and Tova. My favorite is Amarok. What's yours? We have to get a male, because with girl malamutes remember getting in fights whereas boys will forget. (typical!) And we have Bella already, so a male/female combination was what they would approve for us.

OK, enough talk, back to work!

Thanks for reading and have a great day!


Halifax said...

Happy birthday and blogoversary! Appreciate your work on the blog

ART OF NAIL said...

Happy bday! And congrats!

Colette said...

Happy blogirthdayavirsary Nessa! ;)

contests and such said...

Thanks, Ladies!

I like that one, Colette, I think I might use it next year :).

Jackie S. said...

Happy Anniversary and Birthday!

Angela said...

Happy Birthday girl :)

contests and such said...

Thanks, girls!

Andreja said...

Happy birthday and blogoversary!

Well, I am happy that someone is looking up the internet for nice giveaways for me!

Thank you!

contests and such said...

Thanks, Andreja!

That's exactly what I was hoping to do with this blog!