Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Glitter Gal Holo Polishes

I was recently sent 2 polishes from Glitter Gal to review. Just seeing these in the bottles are gorgeous!

First up is Red. It's a bit more of a coarse holo then the second one I was sent, Green. But, nevertheless, it shined and holo-ed brightly. This was 2 coats. I could have gotten away with one thick coat, but excellent application!

In the sun it shines like it's lit from within!

The next one I was sent was Green. It was definitely sheer and much more smooth than Red. But even more holo-y goodness. This was three coats.

Also lit from within!
If you would like to buy these holo polishes they are available here for AUD$9.95. These bottles are rather small, but some of the colors are VERY unique!

Thanks for looking!

*I was sent these polishes by the company in exchange for an honest review.


Evil Angel said...

I love the Glitter Gal 3D's!

Brooke said...

Hey girl!! I must not have switched your new blog address to my blog roll - I had the old one on there and for months now thought you haven't been posting!! I feel terrible! I wish someone would have brought it to my attention! I just noticed it the other day when you left me a comment on my blog. Please don't think I have been ignoring you! Glad to know I'm the idiot in all this, lol! Thanks for the award girl :)

Rhea said...

EEEEEEEEEP, gorgeous! I'm hoping to receive mine soon.

contests and such said...

Evil Angel~ These are fantastic, aren't they?! I can probably use this green like OPI Standing Room Only!
Brooke~ Hey, Girl! I'm so sorry I thought you had my new address on your blog! I didn't even notice. I know you haven't been ignoring me. I'm sorry I haven't been leaving a lot of comments on your blog, but I do check it out every day! You deserve that award! What about that new Tool Academy?! Talk to you soon!
Rhea~ can't wait to see your post about which ones you get!

ART OF NAIL said...

wow love the holo n.p! pretty..