Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Victoria's Secret Beauty Rush Nail Polish & Holo Topcoat

This is Victoria's Secret Beauty Rush Nail Polish in (I believe) Valentino. A lovely vampy purple creme. It applied well, I think this is 3 coats.

The only thing was this tiny little stump handle and brush.

After a day I wanted to 'spice it up' so I added 2 coats of INM Out the Door Northern Lights Hologram topcoat Silver that I got from Transdesign for $4.45 <--totally worth it!. 

Look how this shines!


Bonus pic!
blurred to show the sparkliness!

I'm sure that you've seen this topcoat before so sorry, but as you can see it is well worth the $! So get over there and get it!

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