Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Franken from Kae

A while back I won Kae (The Hungry Asian)'s Earth Day giveaway and she sent me a franken she made me.

I call it 'Pepper". I love it because it's so different!

I layered 2 coats over SH Pacific Blue. Thanks, Kae!!
I will be having something special for all of you soon, see HERE for some details.


Kae said...

Ooh I like the name you gave it! Haha how much did you have to shake it? I'm going to try using those thicker glitter bases next time instead of plain clear so it doesn't sink. I like it over the blue!

contests and such said...

Hi Kae!

I thought the name was pretty unoriginal, but it seemed fitting :) I did have to shake it a bit because it did settle but not so much that it was hurting my hand or anything.
Thanks so much for sending it!