Thursday, July 29, 2010

My First Chanel!

I bet you are seeing a lot of bloggers writing 'My First Chanel' in regards to this polish. Lately, I haven't seen a Chanel that I really, the exception being Holographic.

This is a stunner! And this is why I need to go on a no-buy. The next ones that I want to get are Lippmann Across the Universe and Bad Romance. Too expensive polishes for this poor gal...Oh well, I have to wait until they are in stock anyways...

All the pics above I am trying to find that purple shimmer on my nails. The pic below really shows it even though it's horrible.
Thanks for looking!


Jackie S. said...

I think you can still order the lippmann's online at

Lucy said...

This is my first Chanel also! I can't believe I actually paid that much for it. I also bought the Nordstrom Debroah Lippmann set. Living rich! Gorgeous shade. I hope it was worth the money.

contests and such said...

Jackie~ Last time I checked they weren't available and I don't want to check again, b/c then I will have to buy!

Lucy~ Do you think it was worth it? I do love the color, but it seems like some ladies have figured out how to make a dupe with a taupe color and Orly's Love Each Other. It chipped pretty quickly too, but maybe that's b/c I was too excited when I applied it.