Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Zoya Color Lock System Challenge

I decided to try out the Zoya Color Lock System again, I think I had done this before and not posted about it.
I used Zoya Zara (my first Zoya ever and the polish that I stumbled across on Clumps of Mascara back in 2008 that inspired my np addiction/collection). I think this might be my most favorite Zoya yet, in close competition with Jo.
I used Nail Life Gripper underneath Zoya Anchor then 3 coats of Zara topped off with one coat of Armor followed by the Drying Drops.
And I was finally able to do a good Konad the second day of wear and topped this off with one more coat of Armor.
Here is my mani on the second day. Ignore my bad cuticles, please.

Here is the chunk that I covered up on my thumb with the stamp (user error).

Here is the wear on the 6th day!

Not too shabby! I've read that some girls have had problems with their Color Lock System. Not too sure what it would be, maybe just bad chemistry?

I know that the last time I did this it did not turn out this well. I had to redo the mani right away b/c every fingure smudge after about 10 minutes after the drying drops.

I have been having good luck with my mani's lasting lately, maybe that's it then?

Thanks for reading!

I purchased this color lock system with my own money.


Jackie S. said...

Look like it did its job! Great post!

aelievense said...

I m glad to read another positive review on the Color Lock system, for I just ordered it today. I do have a question though, why did you use Nail Life Gripper underneath Anchor? Was it just your own personal preference or do you find the need for an additional base coat to protect your nails?

contests and such said...

Jackie~ Thanks!

aelievense~I used Nail Life Gripper just because it is one of my staples in my manicure routine. Along with it being a gripper for nail polish it helps my nails stay pretty unstained.
I think you should be fine just using the system. I guess you could say that I use NL gripper as a nail treatment. I hope this system works well for you!