Thursday, August 12, 2010

2 New Nail Polish Brands (New to Me, Anyways)

cently I stopped by my local beauty supply store (the only local one besides Sally's in my area) and picked up these 2 polishes that I have never heard of before.

First onto the mani I created with these two, Jaguar Luxury Mauvelous ($1.99) and Response #51 Lilac Sparkle ($0.99).

This is a really horrible mani b/c I was in a rush and I don't think I'll create it again b/c it did not turn out how I imagined it.

Anyways...I did three coats of Mauvelous, which really isn't too mauve, more a light purple with pink shimmer. It was a bit streaky, but evened out a bit as I put on more coats.

Then I topped it off with about three coats of Lilac Sparkle at the tips. Lilac Sparkle is purple and silver small glitter in a clear base.

This mani really did not turn out well since I had to do so many coats at the tips and it was just too thick.
Since these polishes were so cheap, I wasn't expecting too much from them. I thought that maybe there might have been a diamond in the rough, but not so much.

Here's some info about these two companies:
Jaguar Luxury
Jaguar Luxury is mainly wigs with a couple of beauty accessories thrown in. I can' seem to find anywhere to buy the polish or click to view the polish.
Bee Sales Co.
Bee Sales Co. sells mostly clothes but has some beauty accessories. It's located in Chicago which is about 45 minutes away from me. I might have to check them our since they have three stores over there with some pretty cute things.
Check 'em out:
(click to make bigger)

FYI- most of the links on their site don't work, especially the nail polish one.

Have any of you heard of either of these companies?

Thanks for looking!

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