Tuesday, October 12, 2010

CHI Romance Under the Blue Moon + Savvy Magic Pumpkin

Sorry I haven't posted in a while, but, good news is I have a lot of NOTDs to catch up on!

Here is CHI Romance Under the Blue Moon that I picked up from Ulta about a month back on clearance for $2.99!

This is a nice darkened blue with a bit of a green flash and shimmer!


Then at the end of this mani- to make it last a day longer- I added a coat of Savvy Magic Pumpkin which I also picked up on clearance but this time at Sally's for $1.99.

It really brings out the green! So surprising since is the base of this is orange.

Thanks for looking!


Asami said...

MAGIC PUMPKIN? What is that? It looks awesome! A topcoat?

contests and such said...

Yea, it came out with a bunch of other clearish topcoats... :) When I found them at Sally's they were all on clearance, there was a clearish blue and green one. The Sally's I found it at was one that doesn't get a lot of business, so there are some great little hidden treasures!!

Asami said...

I love the name of it and it looks like a nice subtle shimmer too!