Tuesday, December 7, 2010

ChG Ingrid and Classic Camel: Harry Potter Mani

The only 2 polishes I picked up from ChG Vintage Vixen collex were Ingrid and Classic Camel. Nothing else really appealed to me. I really wanted Classic Camel after I saw swatches and Ingrid was my second choice.

After applying this I was really disappointed on how this made my skin look, it just wasn't for me. So a day later, I jazzed it up a bit by 'frenching' Ingrid on all my fingers except for the accent nail, then I 'frenched' Classic Camel over Ingrid on the accent nail.

Then a day later my fiance was going to take me to see the new Harry Potter movie! So I added some Konad stars randomly and a coat of NYC 105A Silver Glitter. This is a really pretty glitter with small silver glitter and larger blue and glitter pieces. I was loving this!

Loved the new HP movie and can't wait for the next one! And I LOVE the mani!!
Thanks for looking!


jaljen said...

I have Ingrid and the NYC but I SO want Camel. I am collecting mustards.

Jackie S. said...

I have Ingrid in my un-trieds, I need to swatch it soon, its a very unique color :)

Great design :)

contests and such said...

I'm not too big of a fan of mustards, jaljen. Not too sure why I thought I would like this so much.

Thanks, Jackie S. Ingrid is pretty unique. Not sure if I would like it in a full mani, that's why I added it on here.

Lucy said...

Now that's the best I've ever seen Camel look! It's an odd shade but looks pretty with the glitter.

contests and such said...

Hi Lucy! The glitter is very pretty, I wish it would be more visible though from far away.