Friday, December 31, 2010

NYE Blingy Gradient-y Mani!

Happy New Years, everyone! I wish you all a safe and happy new years! I am not going out tonight but I did do my makeup and attempted false lashes, which are so hard for me to accomplish. And the glue got stuck in the tube then sprayed into my hair and one of my favorite shirts....*long breath*

Here's my NYE mani. I was inspired by this mani. Although I didn't use the same colors. I was thinking of using ChG Nova, but I wanted to keep it all silver w/o holo silver.

I used Zoya Trixie for the tips, a Sinful medium sized silver glitter in a clear base and the Sally Girl silver glitter pictured below.
I am really happy with this mani and I love Trixie as a tip color.

Thanks for looking and Happy New Year!


Evil Angel said...

Oh shiny! I love shiny!

contests and such said...

Oh yes, super shiney! I thought I had dinged it and it was just the reflection of another nail :)

Lady C. said...

Very pretty! :)

Sharon said...

Oh, this is so blingy haha. Love it!

Megweno said...


contests and such said...

Thanks, Megweno! I love it too!