Friday, January 28, 2011

Dupe Alert?: Claire's Venomous and Evil Queen Preview

First off: HI to all the new followers!! *waves*

Yesterday we went to Red Robin for my birthday and it's in the maill so I had to stop into Claire's. Since it was my birthday, my fiance actually let me do this. Normally he won't even let me go near it. Keep in mind, Claire's is right next to the theater and Red Robin. These are the 2 things we go to the mall for.

Anyways the cosmetics were BOGO 1/2 off so I picked up these two beauties.

Evil Queen looks like a dupe for Orly Galaxy Girl and Venomous looks like a dupe for Orly Space Cadet. Just speculation.  It seems like every brand is going to have dupes for these guys!

I will post comp pics soon.

Have you seen these at your Claire's?


Lolaa said...

Claire's shops in France are always so late compared to yours, and what's even WORSE than WORSe is that polishes don't even have names, and not even a number on them!! It makes me crazy, really, but well, I like them...

Those polishes look wonderful, of course I'll have to wait for what, a year before they arrive in France... *sighs*

Thanks for these pictures ;)

contests and such said...

Lolaa- No problem for the photos.
That sucks about your Claire's stores :(
Sometimes where I live we don't get a lot of things. Liek I never ever saw Perplex anywhere!

Halifax said...

Based on what I saw, they are close but not dupe. There's Poison Apple as dupe for MAC Bad Fairy but not quite :)

contests and such said...

Thanks for the info, Halifax!
I don't think I saw Poison Apple--but I might have overlooked since it's a pink and I'm kinda not into pink that much.
Did you see the stencils they had?

slow loris said...

I'm a banana

Jackie S. said...

I agree with what Halifax said, they are close but not exact dupes, but for $5 and $2.50 its a great "dup-ish" option..LOL