Thursday, January 27, 2011

Today is My Golden Birthday and 2nd Blogoversary! W/a NOTD

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Hi all! Today I am turning 27 and it's my 2nd year running this blog! YAY!!

For my birthday I got an HE Washing Machine, YAY! Not really...But for some reason I am really excited about it...My fiance got it for me so I can wash our clothes :(   I think it's kinda sad that I am excited about this, but whatevs.

We are going to Red Robin tonight b/c I have a free burger coupon (if you sign up at the restaurant you get a free burger for your birthday). But I am getting a wrap b/c they are WAY better and the fiance is getting the burger.

On Saturday we are planning on going to The Melting Pot. I am excited about it, I love it! But he's not too excited about it... Oh well, MY DAY=MY PICK!!! We went to Texas de Brazil for his bday and while that place is excellent and you can eat til you explode, I want to go the TMP.

Here's a horrible pic of my mani today...

This is from my camera phone since I don't have my camera. I will take a better one later.

These are Incoco strips in Plum Quartz that I win in a giveaway. I did these last night and they are holding up OK. I used to use these A LOT right when they came out like 4 or 5 years ago. My friend and I would show each other how well we did these at work (Home Depot) and they held up pretty well there.

They changed the formula since I last used these and, of course, I didn't read up on it until I had finished putting these on. Now you can choose a side for each strip, which they didn't have before. And you were not able to stretch these before, which you can now. I also probably could have used 1 strip per nail if I removed the tab and used both sides, oh well. I have a gold one of this too call 24 Karats, maybe I will try it with that one. Or use it for an accent nail.

I will update about the wear time with pics as well.

DIY Minx?

I am really into thinking I can do Minx at home and you can buy them on ebay. I watched a couple of YouTube videos explaining how it's done. Has anyone tried doing this at home yet? Or has seen a good YouTube video or blog that has done this?

Good Hair Blogs?

Have you seen any good hair blogs that deal with natural, heat free hair care like Loepsie's YT Channel? Or just any good hair blogs at all that don't have 'how to do your child's hair'? I can't find any out there....

Sorry for all the ?'s and rambling.

Thanks for looking and reading!


Jackie S. said...

Happy Birthday and Happy Anniversary, my birthday is also on the 27th..of November :)

have fun at red Robin and have more fun at The melting POT. The fiance will like it once they bring out the plate of meat to cook..LOL :)

contests and such said...

Thanks, Jackie! I hope so! :)

BlushingNoir said...

Happy Birthday/Happy Anniversary!

It's ok, I got a sweeper for my 30th ;) lol and Diamond earrings, but I think it's funnier to say I got a sweeper only lol

contests and such said...

Thanks, Blushing! I guess I don't feel too bad now, but are you excited when you use it? :)