Thursday, July 2, 2009

My Lancome Winnings

You might remember a while back when I did a post about The Lancome Blog giving away Oscillation Powerbooster, Hypnose mascara and a Bi-Facil eye makeup remover. Well I WON!

Here's what the lovely Kerry Diamond sent me:

I said to myself, 'Self, that looks a little big for 3 small makeup things.' And I was right!
(Of course I had to open it before I took pics, so let's pretend that's not open already.)

WOWZERS!! That's definitely a lot more than what I won!

Here's the nice card from Kerry. 'Extra goodies' alright!

I have never bought anything from Lancome, so I'm sure they put this tissue paper a box when they wrap something for you. But I just thought it was cute, so here's a close-up of what it says all over the paper. I was also surprised that my camera could zoom in that close!

Here is everything out of it's box.

(l-r) (t-b): Juicy Tubes, Hypnôse mascara, Ôscillation Powerbooster, Color Design Limited Edition Sensational Effects Eye Shadow Quad in Safari Escapade, Bi-Facil eye makeup remover, and Le Vernis, not sure what color--> will post later.


(l-r): Juicy Tubes in Ginger Root, Rose Nectar, Sweet Soy, and Rose Water

Hypnôse mascara in Black

Ôscillation Powerbooster- this is said to:

Condition: to fortify and strengthen lashes
Prime: to prepare and improve lash surface, separates, defines for a perfect smooth lash surface. Vibrate: Wraps lashes with formula up to 360°, to reinforce separation and coverage; formula is coated onto lashes to allow for mascara to glide
Boost the appearance of natural lash growth: healthier base
Maximize mascara lash results: maximized effects of mascara applied over it - you will see immediate results;
Powerbooster intensifies color, longer lasting mascara
Results are spectacular: visibly stronger, fuller, longer day after day.
Seems to be doing good so far on my first day of wearing it only 4 hours in. Review to come!

Color Design Limited Edition Sensational Effects Eye Shadow Quad in Safari Escapade

and yours truly in the mirror ;)

I will post what color this is later today, but isn't it pretty?

Ladies, if this doesn't convince you to head over to The Lancome Blog to see what's going on, I don't know what else will! They have a contest at least ONCE A WEEK!!! Click HERE to go to their blog.

Here are some of the giveaways going on right now:

Bad Weather Beauty Survival Giveaway

Win Gwen Stefani's Elle Cover Look **ends today**

Good Luck!


Kae said...

Holy moly! Congrats on winning that, and how nice to get all those yummy extras. The NP looks super cute, and I have a juicy tube in a darker color that I absolutely love (although a tad sticky =x).

~tHiAmErE~ said...

lots of awesome stuff

im pretty you'll have a fun time playing with those

Rai said...

WHOA! Lucky you!!
I don't own a single Lancome product. Enjoy everything! =D

Nina said...

Holy crap that's a ton of extras! Lucky you! I also won that same exact eyeshadow palette in a previous giveaway. :)

Eve said...

Wow! that was generous of them yo give you all that. What a great prize! You must have been so excited to see all that. Congrats!

contests and such said...

Thanks, Ladies~! I will be dong some review on the items (today-hopefully). Definitely go over to the lancome blog and enter their giveaways-totally worth it!