Monday, October 5, 2009

7 Choices Tag

I was tagged by happyberrynaiad for the 7 choices tag.
Rules: The Tagger chooses a color & taggee has to find pictures of 7 owned items in that color. happyberrynaiad came up with the color pink for Breast Cancer Awareness Month, which was a great choice!

I chose:
♥ My Revlon pink tweezers
♥ My pink cotton gloves that I use at night (and are in need of a wash). I put on my favorite lotion and then put these babies on before bed.
♥ My favorite Nfu-Oh holo polish in pink. #63
♥ The Healing Garden Whipped Lotion in Passionate Rose that I got when it was on clearance.
♥ Baptiste Dry Shampoo in Blush better than the brand names from ulta.
♥ Bath & Body Works Oil in Passion Fruit & Guava-- as obsessed as I am with nail polish, I am just obsessed with oil from B&BW!
♥ And since I don't have a lot of pink, I borrowed Bella's dog pillow for the background!

This was a ton of fun, so I tag:
mae espiritu
And your color is white!

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