Tuesday, December 22, 2009

I Raided My Mom's Closet and Look What I Found!

Ok, ok so it's my really old stash from high school found at my mom's house, but whatever it's still nail polish!!!

Let's start with the awesome part: tons of del sol nail polishes from our visit to Nasau.

I totally forgot about all of these! There is even a second of Looking Glass in there. I think some of these are discontinued, too! More on the del sol's in a minute.

Here's an OLD Sinful Japonese Violet, then 2 Jessica's Silk (swatch below) and Pashmina.

No brand name for the blue or the yellow, but the colors are Liquid Affair and Space Girlz. The one on the right is a Bonnie Bell (i believe) scented topcoat in pretty (haven't smelled it yet-- don't know if I should go there :) )

Revlon Super Speed in Typhoon, Maybelline Utlimate Wear in Sun Drops, and L'Oreal Jet-Set Quick Dry in Dawning Rose

This is Del Sol Medusa. I hate how this turned out on my nails. It just looks old and makes my nails look really yellow. I think this is about 4 coats.

In the sun. As you can see it's not really changing colors. It looks a little purple.

but it looks nothing like it should. I even let the bottle sit in the sun for about a half an hour and it didn't end up any darker. Maybe these would be good to use for 'nadding (this will be in a later post).
Here is a close up of Jessica Silk, lovely in the bottle.

Very pretty on the nail, but it took forever to dry- probably the old age.
There will be more swatches of these polishes coming up! If there are any that you would like to see swatched, let me know in the comments!
Thanks for looking!


Lucy said...

I like the last shade. Nice to find some old polishes to play with.

contests and such said...

That last one is beautiful, isn't it? I knew that those were there it was nice that I FINALLY remembered!