Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Old Del Sol Polishes Tested for 'nadding

First here's my setup for 'nadding. I did this one night where my bf was putting in can lights and I couldn't watch TV while doing my nails.

This is what I won from polish-lounge.com from answering her reading quiz correctly. This was my first non-nad plate!
I decided to test the del sol nail polish that I got from my mom's closet, Medusa. I tested it over Jessica Silk (see a true color swatch here). So I got out the new plate from polish-lounge and went to work.

Thumb and ring finger has Pure Ice Outrageous (I would use this again for 'nadding), pointer has Pure Ice New Lilac (not the greatest for 'nadding) and pinky has Del Sol Medusa (also not a good one for 'nadding). Middle finger has nothing. As you can see I am not that great at lining up the image :)

This is the same as the picture above.

I don't know if anyone else has used Del Sol polishes for Konad, but I wouldn't recommend them. This could also be a problem because mine as so old, too.

Thanks for looking!


Lucy said...

Very pretty shade. I like the subtle Konad.

contests and such said...

It might be a bit too subtle for me, but thank you.