Thursday, December 31, 2009

Nic's Sticks Vio-Let's Go

I picked up this 2 pack of Nic's Sticks at T.J. Maxx on clearance for $4.99 about 2 weeks ago and I finally got around to trying them. I have tried these before and it looked like a 2 year old painted my nails by the time I finally finished getting rid of the streaks. I thought I would give this another try because I really liked Vio-Let's Go's duchrome color.

I believe this is packaged with Indi-go-go. I put on 2 coats of VG then I decided this would be a better layering polish so I started putting a coat of Indi-go-go and it was so streaky and the brush is soo wonkey:

that I just couldn't do a dark color. So I removed it and started again with VG. This is about 4 coats with Sinful Colors Hottie on the tips. I hate seeing my VNL so I put a thick coat of Hottie.

Forgive the tip wear. This is after 3 days of wear.

Have you tried this before? I have heard some good reviews on these, and I keep buying them, but they don't get better.

Thanks for looking!


amusedPolish said...

I've got something similar but from an european brand called essence- they all don't seem to be opaque and I use them to make frankens now

Lucy said...

I don't like these things! I have two of them that I recently bought. The brush is lousy and the polish is streaky. It's hard to get a neat looking manicure. Too hard to control.

contests and such said...

amusedPolish~ You use them for frankens? That's pretty cool. You must have a lot of patience to wait for that polish to come out. Unless the essence one is different from this one.
Lucy~ I'm glad I'm not the only one with these troubles :)