Thursday, December 31, 2009

Recent Hauls

I thought I would share my recent hauls from Ulta and Walgreens with you.

Ulta has a great clearance going on. In store and on their site. I picked up these nail prep pads (they say $1.29 but they were really $.49! SCORE!), this glittery toe nail clipper for $.49, Orly Pixie Dust (not on sale, but I couldn't find it anywhere) and finally that's RBL Scrangie snuck in there.
I tried the nail prep pads before my NYE mani and they worked out pretty well. The smell wasn't strong and I will let you know if the staying power is better than w/o prepping.

This is a holo red from the Ulta brand. $5.oo but worth it. There was also a pink one called Diva. They can be found here, they are buy 2 get 2 free BTW.

Beautiful! I will swatch it soon.

These next ones I got from Walgreens.

The Borghese Allegra set I got for $4.99 because the cashier thought it was a seasonal thing, which I think it might be. New Rimmel London Lasting Pro polishes (I will plug the names in later I can't find them online), the elusive Opulent Cloud finally came around my area, and new SH Xtreme Wear Pacific Blue.

I am so shocked that a new line is actually available by me around the same time everyone else!

Have you gone to your Ulta yet? Have you seen these by you? Did you buy any?

Thanks for looking!


Tuli said...

What great hauls ! You picked beautiful polishes !
Well. I don't have Ulta here, but when I was on my trip, I bought tons of things there ! They had so much brands there :-)))

contests and such said...

Thanks, Tuli, dear!
It's a shame there's no Ulta by you, but it might be a blessing because of all the $ that you would lose :)
Have a great New Year, dear!

Lucy said...

Nice polishes! I still can't find Opulent Cloud. I'm sure it will turn up sometime.

contests and such said...

Lucy~ I'm sure it will turn up soon, I can't believe this one was just sitting there, begging to be taken home!