Wednesday, December 23, 2009

One Christmas Mani

I wanted a really dark red so I wore Isadora Midnight Red for a day.

I really like this deep creme, but I had a problem with it coming off on paper and it looked like I was drawing with crayons. Does any one else have that problem?
Then I decided I wanted some kind of red sparkle so I added Miliani Spellbinding on the pointer, ChG Ruby Pumps on the middle, and Orly Star Spangled on the ring finger.
This is a different way of getting Spellbinding on with one coat instead of alone with 3 or 4 coats.

Then I reversed it. I added Ruby Pumps and Star Spangled to half of my pointer nail and added Spellbinding on top of the middle and finger nails.

On my thumb I have Spellbinding and I added Ruby Pumps as a french. Very subtle.

This was all done, just for fun and so I could see how they looked.
Then it was time for something Christmas-y and I was too lazy to take off my nail polish.
So I added a french tip with OPI Paris Couture for Sure followed underneath that with ChG Emerald Sparkle. On my ring I used PCFS, ES, RP, and Zoya Trixie to make it kinda look like wrapping paper. KINDA!!

I am hoping to do a Christmas Tree mani tonight and I will try to post it as well.
EDIT: I forgot to post that this was a b*tch to remove!!! It stained my nails like crazy! It might be because I kept packin on the layers or that this was an old polish.

Thanks for looking!


Lucy said...

Cute manicure. Have a very Merry Christmas Nessa.

contests and such said...

Thanks, Lucy! You have a great Christmas, too!