Wednesday, December 9, 2009

petites dare, a successful gradient?

I was at Wal-Mart a while back, since my Wal-Mart still does not have Hard Candy, I decided to curb my craving with petites dare that I found.

I thought this would be a great topcoat because of the flakes and since it looked like it would be sheer, but after I put on the first coat I realized that I could *probably* try to do a gradient with this. So I gave it a shot and here' how it turned out.


direct sun

I am sooo pleased at how this turned out! It is the best gradient (i think) that I have done so far. It was so easy.
1) Start with one full coat.
2) Apply another coat to half of your nail.
3) Then two more coats along the smile line.
That's it! It is not that hard, but why did it take me so long, you ask. It is sooo hard to find the right kind of nail polish that you can build. This one also has some glitter and small flakies in it which hides the lines even more.
Now if I could just find this same formula in other colors! From what I remember I didn't see any more colors in petites that had this type of consistency and flakies. But I'll think I'll head back to my Wal-Mart soon!
Thanks for looking!


mayra said...

I love this polish btw petites is so cheap and metallics shades work wonders with konad ^^

Tabula Rasa,,, said...

What a perfect winter mani! I love the icy blue sparkles.

contests and such said...

mayra- thanks for the heads up with the metallics! I tried some Pure Ice ones and they didn't turn out too great.

contests and such said...

tabula rasa~ thank you, dear! It does remind me of really cold ice.

mayra said...

You are welcome you should try
270 Pink crush and 264 plum frost, if you go to my blog look for the KONAD LOOK FLORES METALICAS and you will see the konad look that i made with the 270 pink crush^^

Amarena said...

wawwww! this is really one of the best gradient manicures around. Great job!

contests and such said...

Amerena~ Really? You think so?
That's so sweet of you! I am soo happy with how it turned out and the polish is soo cheap! I think $.99?!

contests and such said...

mayra~ Thanks for the recommendation. Your look turned out so well. I will be looking for these polishes when I go back into wal-mart!

Lucy said...

How adorable is this manicure! Love it and it was easy enough to do. Pretty shade of blue.

contests and such said...

Thanks so much, Lucy!