Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Sinful Whats Your Name

I picked up this beaut a while back and I'm just getting around to wearing/posting it. I believe this is Sinful Colors Whats Your Name.

This is a lovely blackened blue/green glitter/shimmer. It looks green under artificial light (which I thought I took a picture of, but didn't) and more blue under natural light.


I am still trying to get the hang of the 'gap' (between the cuticle and the nail). I haven't mastered it too well and it really shows up with dark colors. I guess more practice is in order, which I am OK with!
Thanks for looking!


Tuli said...

This color is gorgeous ! I love dark blues/greens like this :-)

contests and such said...

I do too, Tuli. I am really loving all the vampy glitter/ shimmers!

Lucy said...

That's really a lovely shade on you. I can't get the gap manicure. It comes out so sloppy and uneven. You've done a pretty good job with a hard color to do it with.

contests and such said...

You're such a doll, Lucy! I just really have to practice on the 'gap'. Thanks for thinking I did a good job :) I'm trying to get it as good as Vampy Varnish, her's is something to strive for!