Thursday, March 25, 2010

Claire's Mood Polishes: Calm/Wild

I think I have found my #1 np!!! This one is a stunner and if you don't have it yet go out and buy it. NOW! Or you could win it here or here.

This dries like OPI suede polishes so a topcoat is needed to shine it up! But I think it has the best of both worlds---pink (which I am not too crazy about, but it's a nice 'office' color) and PURPLE!! The in-between color is fantastic!
cold fingers

I didn't post the full on pink color since it's nothing to write home about. I have been playing with the hot and cold water handles on my faucet all day and checking my tips to see what color they are like every half an hour!
The only thing is the formula. I think I need to thin it a bit...
I did try a water marble mani with these and since they are so thick it came out horribly lumpy. But it was fun to see the colors change before I took it off.
I'm hoping that Colette picked up these polishes and will try a marble mani when she gets a chance :)

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Rhea said...

It's really a gorgeous color!

contests and such said...

Isn't it though!! :)

Gabriela said...

This nail polish are so original. I love the color :)