Monday, August 2, 2010

Another Mood Polish!

I went back to Meijer on Friday and picked up 2 more mood polishes. Screw the no-buy, these are awesome!

I got the pale yellow to light pink one.

 Right after applying

Cold water

Warm water
Turning to normal temperature

This is what it normally looks like.

This is three coats then a topcoat then one more coat b/c it was starting to look pretty bad the second day. The application was a bit patchy and there was some cracking the next day, but these are still cool!

Thanks for looking!


Red said...

Ugh, I wish I could find these polishes in my area! They look SO beautiful!

contests and such said...

Hi Red,
They are OK. The first one I wore was much better than this one. This showed all my ridges in my nails and they 'crack' along the nail by the second day. By crack I mean the polish cracks into these little spidery looking veins along the nail.

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