Thursday, January 13, 2011

Kleancolor Blue Holo?

Woo I am on a roll today! I think this is the last one.

I found this at a dollar store that isn't really a dollar store. You know what I mean? I hate those it's either a dollar store or it isn't!

Anyways this is called Blue Holo. I compared it to the Milani Cyberspace.

In the above pics it looks much more 'holo-y' than Cyberspace.
 Blue Holo

 Same corresponding nails as above

I like Blue Holo better, even though it was harder to remove than Cyberspace.

What do you think? I wonder if Kleancolor makes more holos...

1 comment:

lady_flower123 said...

Nice color but I don't like glitter in it.

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