Thursday, July 29, 2010

New Mood Polishes @ Meijer!

I stopped by Meijer yesterday to see if they had anything that I NEEDED to have since I am trying to go on a no-buy to pay for my wedding--yes, I am engaged, but more on that later!

I found a display of np's called Mood Struck. Sorry for the next 2 pics, camera phone + shakey hands from excitement= really blurrry pics!

Look at all that mood-changing-goodness! Although a lot of them were repeating colors.

Some of them looked like they were very watery and sheer, which I thought meant that they wouldn't work too well. So I picked one that looked like it would be the most drastic change. I went with this one:

This was all that was on each of them.

And they were each $3.99.

Unfortuately when I got home I realized that this really looks like the Calm/Wild from Claire's. So I pulled out that bottle to do a comparison.

Pretty f-ing close, eh?

Mood Struck looks a little bit of a truer purple(?) than Calm/Wild.
Let's see if we can tell the difference...

Can you?

I can't.
This is 2 coats of each. Index and ring are Calm/Wild; Middle and Pinky are Mood Struck. I think :)

It was apparant with the first stroke that Mood Struck was definitely a mood polish! I have to go back for more! Screw the no-buy, these are cheap, beautiful, awesome, what else can I say to justify this purchase?...Everything! Anything!

I'd say that the formula is a little better than Calm/Wild since mine was a little thick.

There was a lovely light pink to pale yellow with shimmer that I really want!

Just for good measure, here's some hot/cold water pics.

Cold water

Hot water

For those Mid-westerners, head over to your local Meijer to check these beauties out! They were on a side display at mine.

Has anyone else seen these?

Thanks for looking!

5 thoughts:

Lucy said...

Like those polishes. Won't do me any good without any tips!

Mia said...

nice! I'd love to try mood polishes! It's not available where I'm from though. sad. :(

contests and such said...

Lucy~ Hiya! You don't have any tips right now? I think they still look great and are kinda fun and funky!

Mia~ Too bad :( Is there a Claire's by you?

I will be posting another Mood polish today, Ladies! Stay tuned!

Halifax said...

Just wish Meijer is wide spread, so when I go to the US, I could grab some of these :) If it doesn't chip as fast as Claire's Moods, I certainly want to try

contests and such said...

Hi Halifax~ I didn't wear this one long enough to see if it chips, but the other one I wore 'cracked' down the nail. By that I mean the polish cracked into little spidery cracks. If that makes sense :) I have one more to test and it's like this one but pink to a lighter pink, I think.